— Ventana Sur from Nov. 28th to Dec. 2nd —
— Paris Rendez-vous from Jan. 13th to 16th —
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Directed by
Andrea Bagney

World Premiere in Karlovy Vary IFF and awarded three times in Rome IFF!

"An enjoyable work... it’s easy to make a favorable comparison to 'The Worst Person In The World'... A hispanic 'A Bout De Souffle'." Deadline

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Directed by
Laura Baumeister

World Premiere in TIFF Discovery and San Sebastian New Directors Competition. Awarded 2 times in Biarritz IFF!

“Tense, assured, compassionate and admirably clear-eyed feature debut.” Screen

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Directed by Mihai Mincan

World Premiere in Venice Orizzonti Competition.

"Captivates from start to finish because Mincan knows exactly what he is doing, slowly tightening his grip on his audience.” ICS

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Directed by
Alê Abreu

Oscar nominated director Alê Abreu new film ‘Perlimps’! World Premiere in Annecy Film Festival.

“Perlimps could be seen as a dazzling love letter for children. It encourages kids’ awareness of social, ecological issues and a taste for art, while delivering a film of artistic ambition and visual complexity." Variety

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Directed by
Bertrand Bonello

Coma will be part of New York IFF and BFI London FF in September. Previously awarded Fipresci Award in Berlinale Encounters.

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Directed by
Lucas Delangle

World Premiere in Cannes ACID - opening Film and playing in Austin's Fantastic Fest!

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Directed by
Damien Manivel

World Premiere in ACID Cannes. New film by the director of 'Isadora’s Children' – Best Director Award Locarno 2019, 'The Night I Swam' – Venice Orizzonti 2017.

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“Medusa is a pop music-scored spooky story about women’s liberation, deploying the same blood-splattered fluorescent backdrops of recent feminist horror films like “Titane.”

“Bloody Oranges is a bracing provocation of a film.”

“It's a small miracle that such a
stylistic pick and mix as El Gran Movimiento should cohere
into something satisfying, but it does.”

"The title Mother Schmuckers is bad enough, but it's all downhill from there in the revolting Belgian farce."

"Souad feels like a window into a world we might never otherwise see."

“In Honey Cigar, viewers may
see shades of Lady Bird. In the plight of a
young woman seeking liberation, Mustang
might also spring to mind."

"Atlantis is dazzling, strange, tragic, comic, touching and eventually optimistic. Immensely compelling. Masterful.”

“Los Conductos is striking and evocative.
A fever-dream.”

"Valley of Souls is an immersive, riveting,
exceptional debut... a film of astonishing power."

"If It Were Love is a delicate mixture of sensuality and creativity."

“Uppercase Print is a fierce and impassioned denunciation of evil.”