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A French Revolution

Directed by
Emmanuel Gras

Status . Completed

Country . France

Original Title . Un Peuple

Year . 2022

Language . French

Domestic Release . KMBO (Feb 23rd, 2022)

Runtime . 104 min.

Genre . Documentary

October 2018, France.

Macron's government decrees a tax increase on the price of fuel. A wave of protests starts to grow. Citizens mobilize throughout the country: this is the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement.

In Chartres, a group of men and women gather daily. Among them, Agnes, Benoît, Nathalie and Allan commit themselves to the collective struggle. Like a whole nation, they discover that they have a voice to be heard…


After a degree in History, Emmanuel Gras approached cinema as a camera student at the ENS Louis Lumière. At the end of his studies he went as a cinema volunteer to the Centre Culturel Français in Beirut and started work as a director of photography on documentaries taking him deep into the Middle East.

On his return to France, he focused on directing his own projects and fictions, while continuing to do camerawork on other people’s films. After gaining critical acclaim for his first feature documentary, A COW'S LIFE, Gras' second documentary, MAKALA (2017), was selected in the main competition of la Semaine de la Critique, where it won the Nespresso Grand Prize.



Les Films Velvet (Ahed’s Knee, An Easy Girl, Teddy)



CPH:DOX - Competition


“No longer a journalistic, historical
or sociological response to the Yellow
Vest Movement, but a properly cinematographic response.”

“Emmanuel Gras shows what cinema can
bring to a topical subject. A fascinating