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Directed by
Angela Ottobah

Status . Completed

Country . France

Runtime . 98 min.

Year . 2023

Language . French

Genre . Drama

French Distributor . Arizona Distribution

Original Title . Paula

Paris, today.

Paula, 11 years-old, lives with her father. She is smart, full of energy, but school bores her and she only has one friend. To cheer her up, her father decides to take her to a beautiful lake house for the summer.

But what was supposed to be a relaxing get-away, slowly turns into a suffocating experience of isolation. Paula’s father becomes more and more oppressive, radical.

If she wants to go back to a normal life, she will have to enter in resistance.


Angela Ottobah



Finnegan Oldfield (Final Cut, Gagarine, Nocturama)
Aline Hélan-Boudon

Kidam (Zero Fucks Given, Hunted)